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Stubborn as a Mule

We are not doing all that you think we are doing.

We're not going on this Big Heroic Mission to bring humanitarian aid and our American Can-Do grit to save Ukraine. We're going to visit family in Poland. We have some suitcase space in our checked baggage allotment, and thought we could bring some medical supplies to the border. I've done projects for and with 100000 NGOs, so I started doing some research. What small orgs are actually getting stuff to people who need it in Ukraine? A friend (thank you!) pointed me to, a tiny organization that gathers donated medical and protective supplies and brings them to Ukrainian field hospitals.

The Ukrainian resistance to the Kremlin's invasion is crowd sourced. Random people like you and me are asked to purchase items which may sound innocuous at first, but when you read their use, it makes the disgraceful hobby of war really real, really fast.

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