Lisa Lunskaya Gordon's Photographs have been published in a variety of magazines and newspapers including:


Rolling Stone Magazine, The Village Voice, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, The BBC, Raster Magazine, The Boston Phoenix, The Noise




The Artery: Coders And Creatives Intersect At MIT’s Hacking Arts by Franklin Einspruch

• Boston Globe: Thinking inside the Box by Cate McQuaid

• The Weekly Dig: PURE: Spreading the Disease of Viral Art by Jason Feifer

• The Harvard Crimson: Art Exhibit Transforms Storefront by Victoria B. Kabak

• Big Red & Shiny: Big Red On-The-Town: PURE

• Big Red & Shiny: by Jerimias Paul

• Boston Globe: F.E.A.R. exhibition at G.A.S.P by Cate McQuaid

• Weekly Dig: Review of F.E.A.R. exhibition at G.A.S.P.

• Boston Magazine: Review of Anachronistic Social Club by David Wildman